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You're not the only one!

What are your rates currently at?

Rates fluctuate day to day. Good thing for you is that I will match and beat any offer out there. I pride myself and my company on being able to provide the most competitive offers on the market today.

What are my down payment options?

Depends what program and your situation. 

For first time home buyers, I have options that would allow minimum of 3%.

For a physician, I offer 0% down 100% financing. 

When should I refinance?

You should consider refinancing if you are looking to:

  • debt consolidation

  • home improvements

  • lower monthly payments

  • eliminate mortgage insurance

What's your minimum credit score?

Certain loan programs require minimum scores. Contact me today to discuss where you are at. I work with credit repair agencies to get my clients back on track!

Do you work with first time home buyers?

Yes, this is one of my specialties. I love helping first time home buyers because they are able to make an investment in their financial future with me.

What programs do you offer?

  • Conventional

  • Jumbo

  • FHA

  • VA

  • USDA

  • Physician 

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